About Me

London-based writer and television executive.

I’m a complete word nerd. I love to write, to share my passion for writing with others and help them gain the benefits of powerful language. The only downside to being a lover of language is that I constantly correct grammar and spelling mistakes in my head (and sometimes not in my head!).

I’m a student of many forms of writing; poetry, playwriting, screenwriting and, more recently, copywriting. There are many hats you can wear as a writer, each with unique challenges.

The first ‘writer hat’ I ever wore was the playwright. After I moved to London in my early twenties to complete an MA in Scriptwriting for television and film, I turned a student hobby into the real deal and started writing plays. Many have since been performed on the London fringe, and you can find out more about them a special section of this site.

Writing has rarely paid the bills, so for more than ten years now, I’ve also been wearing the ‘television executive’ hat. Like most people, I worked my way into the television industry through a mixture of flirting, unpaid ‘work experience’ (making a lot of tea) and being good at writing begging letters to producers.

But it’s been an interesting companion to my life as a writer. Like the more sensible older sibling to my creative child.

The most thrilling aspect of writing is the sense of a journey. As you write the first pieces of dialogue or the opening lines of a paragraph, you are never sure where it’s going to take you.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.