Words are mighty. And like (some) photos posted on Instagram, words are a thing of beauty.

We are living in the Information Age. Technology may have made this a reality, but it isn’t technology that keeps information front and centre in our lives.

Words do that.

How many words do you read, and write, in a single day? Just think how many thoughts and opinions whirl through smartphones, laptops, tv screens, advertising boards and interfaces in 24 hours.

How many of those words do you take in? Really take in. Appreciate the beauty. Celebrate the craft.

We use words to proclaim. To wound. To celebrate. To warn.

But how many of us really understand the craft of writing well?

If words are the most powerful tool at our fingertips, then it’s worth taking the time to learn how to wield them well. Not just type words into space; but express, persuade, captivate.