Women and War Festival, 2016 So and So Arts Club  

I don’t go out in public in my uniform. People whisper and stare and point. You’re the freak. The one who wanted to be a soldier.”

Kat wanted to belong, so she joined the Army. After all, it’s the ultimate test of who you are and what you stand for….Only in Afghanistan, it’s not always that simple.

The innermost thoughts of a ‘normal’ girl figuring out her identity as woman, soldier, girlfriend and gun-lover.

Larner Wallace-Taylor as KAT


The Old Red Lion Theatre, 2011 Raising Silver Theatre

High upon a factory rooftop, two women keep watch over their little corner of London together. They are Firewatchers.

Wealthy Catharine and munitions worker Jean are the most unlikely pairing, but over the course of one dramatic evening, their hopes, fears and differences play out amid the tension of an air raid.

Michelle Tate as JEAN and Abigail Thaw as CATHARINE

THE FIREWATCHERS The Old Red Lion Theatre, 2011 Raising Silver Theatre


Straight Out of Line Theatre (Theatre Delicatessen) 2010

“My Father told me about the special little men inside my body who heal me when I hurt myself. They build you back up, like a wall that’s fallen down, but they can’t help leaving a little mark, just to show you they’ve been.”

The strangest birthday party you’ve ever attended. In the middle of a morgue there is a woman who doesn’t want to celebrate, with a woman who no longer can.

An immersive experience revealing how, in the shortest time, we can live out the fullest of narratives in a story about birth, death and how we get marked in between.


 The Cock Tavern, 2011 Peters Productions

‘Here you are. So wonderfully fucking alive. Skin and flesh and heart beating. I don’t know what makes me more sad – that you went, or that you didn’t come back earlier.’

Kidnapped as a young boy, Ben has little understanding of the real world when he is finally reunited with his family at eighteen years old. The media are obsessed with his ‘story’ and his Dad and twin sister are desperate for answers concerning the true nature of the relationship with his abductor. 

What happened to Ben whilst he was locked up? And how will he adjust to a new life without the man who held him captive?

Chris O’Shea as BEN


Pleasance Theatre, Islington in 2008. Weaver Hughes Ensemble

I’m sick of talking. Talking’s for people with nothing to say.

Meg was once a famous artist but is now struggling with life in the background, her daughter Andrea has talent to burn but doesn’t know how to use it and best friend Lucy is desperately seeking the love of a normal family.

Over a six month period Lucy battles to save her friend from the horrors of anorexia, as Andrea chases a ‘perfect’ weight that draws her further and further away from her mother.

Helen Millar as ANDREA


PROTECTED, Salt Theatre (Rich Mix) 2014 FRAGMENTS short play anthology at Riverside Studios, 2011 
YOU’RE IT, The Story Project 3 (Southwark Playhouse) 2011
CURIOUS, The Story Project 2 (Southwark Playhouse) 2010
UNMANNED, Miniaturists (Arcola Theatre) 2009
THE MIXER, Slice at Theatre 503 2009